Pre Trial Support

Diamond Eye Legal is a law firm's Pre-trial Support Specialist. Knowing as much as possible about the jury pool can make all the difference in selecting the final jury. Once that final jury is chosen, digging deeper is critical. For example: Do they have strong religious views? Do they have criminal records or perhaps they have been sued themselves? What type of extracurricular activities or groups do they engage in? Sometimes the terminology or examples utilized by the trial attorney can engage or offend a particular juror. In-depth knowledge of the jury can also make a difference in how the litigating attorney presents their case. Knowledge is power and we are here to do the investigating for you!

  • Coordinate Focus Group Events
  • Jury Pool Research 
  • Final Juror Profiles
  • Follow-up Jury Interviews

Once the trial is over find out why the jurors chose their final decision.  We can also do follow-up interviews with the jurors.