Organization of Discovery and Case Files

Save tons of time and money and have your case file ORGANIZED.  Diamond Eye Legal, LLC specializes in organizing discovery and case files when attorneys do not have time. Civil and Criminal cases can take years to litigate.  It is essential to have discovery in a case well organized and easily accessible.  Attorneys and their staff sometimes do not work on a case for months or maybe there is staff turnover that leads to hours of getting reacclimated to a case.

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Along with numerous documents sometimes there can be hundreds of people and entities associated with the case. Identifying how a person or entity is affiliated with a case and supporting documents is crucial.  A timeline is critical to every case.  We can get your facts in chronological order.

Do not waste hours of time searching for specific documents or information in disorganized case documents.  When the information and documents are well organized it allows for attorneys and others working on the case to easily access all information and documents easily and efficiently.

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